A film by Sophie Tatischeff

1998 France - Drama


Taking advantage of an auction in her village in Britany, Marie decides to sell the counter from her caf?. She is an old woman and wants to shut the caf? and go live in Brest. Jo?lle, a young lady from Paris who owns a house in the area, goes to the auction with a friend. She buys the counter from old Marie and perches it on the roof of her car. As Jo?lle drives away she has no idea that, more than just a counter, she is driving away with a piece of local history. Throughout the countryside, this odd convoy attracts the attention of farmers who stop their work to form a quiet procession behind the car. Jo?lle asks her old neighbour Jean, to help unload and install the counter in her house. When Jean sees the counter, it brings back memories, the first time he met Marie, it was in 1915...

  • cast

    • Jacques Penot (Yvon)
    • Mireille Perrier (Marie)
    • Mauranne (Joà«lle)
  • crew

    • Production
    • Eric Langlois
    • Screenplay
    • Sophie Tatischeff
    • Screenplay
    • Patrick Dewolf
    • Cinematography
    • Jean-Claude Larrieu
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 95 min
    • Format
    • Color
    • Sound
    • Dolby SR

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