2019 - Switzerland - Thriller


The new President of Switzerland, Kathy Kunz, is struggling to free a group of hostages being held in Yemen. She’s prepared to do anything to achieve that goal. For even in the most placid country in the world, shady dealings are hatched behind closed doors and political ambitions fed on violence. That is until Tina, a cleaning lady at the Federal Palace, throws a monkey wrench into the intricate gears of the political machine. What if a lowly cleaning person were able to thwart a gigantic affair of state?

  • cast

    • Flonja Kodheli
    • Ursina Lardi
    • Roland Vouilloz
  • crew

    • Created by
    • Romain Graf
    • Writers
    • Thomas Eggel
    • Romain Graf
    • Léo Maillard
    • Producers
    • RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
    • Rita Productions
    • Versus Productions
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 6x52'
    • Format
    • HD
    • Language
    • French original - German and Italian dub available

awards & nominations

  • La Rochelle Fiction Festival 2019 - Best Francophone Fiction nominee

screenings in festivals & markets

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