A film by Steve SUISSA

2005 France - Drama


"Cavalcade" is the story of Leo, a young musician who has been spoiled by his easy and happy life. All this changes when he is involved in an horrific car accident and is taken, barely alive, to the Garches Hospital. It's here that he discovers that, barring a miracle, he will remain a quadriplegic for life. And it's here that the former hedonistic, flirtatious partygoer will spend 14 months trapped in the world of the quadriplegic. "Cavalcade" paints an unforgettable picture of the hell that is the hospital for the severely injured. It is a story that is occasionally surreal, often tragic, sometimes funny but always riveting.

  • cast

    • Titoff (Leo)
    • Marion Cotillard (Aliz)
    • Richard Bohringer (Desmouche)
    • Bruno Todeschini (Ricardo)
    • Bérénice Béjo (Manon)
  • crew

    • Production
    • Patrick Holzman (55 Productions)
    • Production
    • Jean-David Blanc (55 Productions)
    • Screenplay
    • Bruno De Stabenrath
    • Screenplay
    • Steve Suissa
    • Cinematography
    • Christophe Offenstein
    • Music
    • Michel Legrand
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 89 min
    • Format
    • 35mm


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