Choses Secrèes

A film by Jean-Claude Brisseau

2002 France - Drama


Sandrine learns from Nathalie that even the small transgressions can at the same time cause a violent pleasure and provide a frightening weapon against those who are dependent on it. Both girls are at the foot of the social scale?; they decide to use their new knowledge as a tool to climb quickly as high as possible on the social hierarchy.They choose to be engaged in the offices of a big company, a workroom where preys are much easier than somewhere else. They crush in the passage some important executives of the house to arrive at Christophe, son of the boss and the future leader himself.However, the young man, an imperceptible character, is going to take them in theur own game. Christophe?s wedding will end in final fairy-like in his castle.

  • cast

    • Coralie Revel (Nathalie)
    • Sabrina Seyvecou (Sandrine)
  • crew

    • Production
    • Jean-François Geneix
    • Screenplay
    • Jean-Claude Brisseau
    • Cinematography
    • Wilfrid Sempe
    • Editing
    • Maria Luisa Garcia
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 115 min
    • Format
    • Color - 1.37
    • Sound
    • DTS

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