A film by Franck Landron

2004 France - Comedy


Sophie and Olivier a young couple come across an add in their shop : the beach house they've been dreaming about for so long, is for sale. Taken over by the terrific bargain, the young couple decides to buy the house without even visiting it. Little do they know that there is a hitch to it all, and that they are now the happy owners of a home in a nudist village.

  • cast

    • Barbara Schulz (Sophie)
    • Alexandre Brasseur (Olivier)
  • crew

    • Screenplay
    • Franck Landron
    • Screenplay
    • Christian Vincent
    • Screenplay
    • Gilles Cahoreau
    • Cinematography
    • Franck Landron
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 95 min
    • Format
    • Color

Domestic release :