Grand Sons

Grand Sons
les Petits Fils

A film by Ilan duran cohen

2004 France - Drama


Guillaume, a 24-year-old boy, tries to emancipate himself from the love of 2 women: his mother, who recently died, and Régine, his grandmother who raised him. His grandmother keeps her daughter-in-law's ashes in an urn out on her balcony, and she is in the habit of talking to it every day. The arrival of young male maid, Maxime, will force them to undertake the long way of mourning, which has been avoided until now...

  • cast

    • Reine Ferrato (RĂ©gine)
    • Guillaume Quatravaux (Guillaume)
    • Jean Philippe Set (Maxime)
  • crew

    • Screenplay
    • Ilan Duran Cohen
    • Cinematography
    • Ilan Duran Cohen
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 84 min
    • Format
    • Color 1.85

awards & nominations

  • Venice Film Festival 2004 - Venezia Orizzonti Award


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