5 Is The Perfect Number
5 รจ il numero perfetto

A film by Igort

2019 Italy, Belgium, France - Thriller


Peppino, a retired hitman for the Camorra, has now fully passed on his job and know-how to his single son, Nino. But when Nino is brutally assassinated, the old man is back in business to take revenge. Aside his everlasting love Rita and his longtime henchman Toto, Peppino will go to any lengths, even if it means bringing the Camorra down.

  • cast

    • Toni Servillo
    • Valeria Golino
    • Carlo Buccirosso
  • crew

    • Screenwriter
    • Igort
    • From the graphic novel
    • Igort
    • Cinematographer
    • Nicolaj Bruel
    • Producers
    • Marina Marzotto
    • Mattia Oddone
    • Elda Ferri
  • infos

    • Language
    • Italian

awards & nominations

  • 2019 Venice Giornate degli autori

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