A film by Merzak Allouache

1996 France, Algeria, Belgium, Luxembourg - Comedy Drama


Country mouse, alilo disembarks from Algiers, eyes wide with wonder, to carry on his etty trafficking. Town mous, mok his cousin, pure second generation and parisian to the tips of his toes, welcomes him. Alilo loses his correspondent's address and a week long chase ensues to find the notorious suitcase which he must absolutely take back to Algiers. During this enforced stay, the perpetual astonishment of the one reveals the suffocating emprisonment of Algerian society, whereas the thousand and one acrobaties of the other to survive show extreme harshness of llife in Paris.

  • cast

    • Gad Elmaleh (Alilo)
    • Mess Hattou (Mok)
  • crew

    • Screenplay
    • Allouache Merzak
    • Screenplay
    • Caroline Thivel
    • Cinematography
    • Pierre A
    • Cinematography
    • Georges Diane
  • infos

    • Running time
    • 93 min
    • Format
    • Color

awards & nominations

  • Namur 1996
  • Ouagadoudou Film Festival 1999 - Best screenplay