Abd Al Malik




A rap artist and French poet of Congolese origin, ABD AL MALIK grew up in the heart of Neuhof, a neighborhood of low-rent apartment buildings in Strasburg’s southern section. A literary soul, he studied philosophy, French and Latin while also founding, with three childhood friends, his cousin and his older brother, a rap band called N.A.P (New African Poets) in 1988.  

With the tremendous success of his first book, QU’ALLAH BENISSE LA FRANCE ! [May Allah Bless France!], published in 2004, his second solo album, GIBRALTAR, and his numerous collaborations with Juliette Gréco and her husband, Gérard Jouannest (Jacques Brel’s pianist and composer), ABD AL MALIK has become not only a major figure of what is now called urban cultures but also an icon of French diversity.    
GIBRALTAR brought him his first French music award in 2007. Since then, he has released two more albums, DANTE and CHATEAU ROUGE, each of which received a French music award as well.  

In 2009, he won the Edgar-Faure political book prize for his second book, LA GUERRE DES BANLIEUES N'AURA PAS LIEU [The poor suburbs’ war will not take place] and then published, in 2013, his fourth book, L’ISLAM AU SECOURS DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE [Islam coming to the Republic’s rescue].    

An adaptation of his first book for the screen, MAY ALLAH BLESS FRANCE! is ABD AL MALIK’s first feature film.