Carlos Vermut




Carlos Vermut wrote, directed and autoproduced his first feature film in 2011 with an impressive 20,000€ budget. The result was the stunning Diamond Flash, a surprising film, which received great critics. He won the Rizoma’s grand prix in 2011 with this film and Cameo pulled out a special edition on DVD with one of his unpublished comics. The film was also uploaded to the VOD platform where it reached the top views in the first  week. Carlos Vermut is a young and already respected Spanish Author for the Film industry, which holds a quite risky style as director. Previously, he has worked as a cartoonist for the newspaper “El Mundo”, being the Injuve Award winner. Carlos won the Notodofilmfest with his first short film, Maquetas, he has published three comics and he is also the author of the TVE’s cartoon series Jelly Jam.