Benoît  Mariage




Benoît Mariage took his first steps as a director for the famous Belgian television show "Strip-tease". An INSAS Brussels graduate, this Virton native first worked as a photojournalist. Benoît Mariage then shot documentaries, including a few in Africa where he returned for “Scouting for Zebras”. Starting from his first fiction short film, "Le Signaleur", he chose to work with another Benoît, Poelvoorde, who would become his favorite actor, playing in "The Carriers are Waiting", "Cowboy" and now "Scouting for Zebras". Also a teacher at IAD in Louvain-La-Neuve, Mariage's filmmaking is both personal and targeted to mass audiences. A kind of filmmaking where comedy and tragedy work hand in hand, like in Italian comedies. The theme of paternity, real or surrogate, is recurrent in his filmography, including “Scouting for Zebras” in which he admirably succeeds in uniting laughter and emotion.